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About SOlar Commercial & Industrial

Why Solar PV System

Solar PV System as an energy source obtained by converting sunlight into electricity using a technology based on the photoelectric effect. It is a type of renewable energy with no pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost of Execution & ROI

Low cost of execution with fast turnaround ROI


Low maintenance cost

Tax Incentives

Malaysia Green initiatives benefits are applicable

Easy Access for Everyone (even for individual)

Solar PV System is suitable for everyone, regardless of individual or commercial

Falling costs make renewables a cost effective investment.

With the same amount of money, the investment value increases

Comparing lowest price per kWh

Comparison within Renewable Energy​

Simple Steps to

Own Solar Assets

Just a few steps to kick-start Energy Savings, our Experts are ready to assist you

Get the proposal on Energy Savings

Quota approval from SEDA


Delivery and Installation


Ready to start Energy Savings

Commercial & Industrial

How to Own Solar Assets

There are various financial options available to own the Solar Assets, contact our Energy Savings Experts to find out more.

Outright Purchase​​


Bank Financing

Term Loan​​

SPPA / Lease

Collaboration with Investors

Commercial & Industrial

Payment Options

Comparison of available Payment Options

Commercial & Industrial

Outright Purchase

Key benefits of Outright Purchase option

Commercial & Industrial

Power Purchase Agreement

Key benefits of Power Purchase Agreement option