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Who We Are

HD Solar was incorporated in 2009 humbly as a steel & aluminium construction structure, grown into an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (“EPC”) Solar Turnkey Service Provider capable of building On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaics (“PV”) system ranging from Residential, Commercial & Industrial, to Nasional Grid Standard’s Utility Scale Power Plants. Over the past years, we have served customers across ASIA, AFRICA and EUROPE region. read more

Ready To Assist You On Electricity Bill Saving Up To 92%

Future Of Solar PV Energy

The cost of executing Solar Energy has massively reduced, as a result global awareness of the needs to be catching the trend of “Carbon-Free” footprint. Government, Corporate or Commercial Businesses, Estates Owner or even Residential Property Owner are now capable of enjoying the goodness of Solar Energy, which is low cost in maintenance and has zero radiation/pollution


Residential Property Owner could enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy to save the electricity bill with low maintenance cost and reduce our carbon footprint.


Solar Energy is the current trend of investment for a clean energy with sustainable return by optimizing the natural sunlight to reduce the conventional Energy Consumption.

Solar Mechanism in Malaysia

NEM Concept

NEM allows users to benefit from solar PV energy. The energy generated will first be consumed by the building usage. The excess solar energy will be exported into the national grid, where a bi-directional meter will record this in credit form and it will be reflected on your monthly TNB bill.

How your rooftop now becomes Power Generator under NEM Scheme

Our Valued Partners